X marks the ____?

IMG_0037X marks the ____ is a new way of blogging and sharing experiences. I’m looking to build a great bank of stories and pictures of peoples journeys around the world. The end goal is to produce an amazing app that will help travellers, backpackers and just your average holiday goer to book and plan a trip all in one place based on your pictures and personal reviews.

The reviews can be personal about how a breath taking view grounded you and began a path of self discovery. Or it could be about an incredible meal that you have had that made your whole trip. It could be a random waterfall that you found for that peace of mind or it could be an awesome bar you found that plays amazing music and has some of the best drinks. You could share pictures of religious places or your own sanctuary away from home. You can share your experiences in as many or as little words as you want. It could be an advertisement for your business or just sharing an amazing gem you found on your travels.

I’ll try and post my own submissions as often as I can but I would love more from you! You will make this work helping others find some fantastic holiday destinations. Share those beloved travel tips and you could also find some great tips from other submissions.

3 Things to include in a submission:

  1. A picture of what your review about
  2. A name or at least some loose words on the location (we need to know where it is if you are sharing)
  3. A description of what you are sharing, it can be long or short but we want to know… What does your X mark?

Submissions at: xmarksthecomunity@gmail.com

Im looking forward to your submissions. In the meantime check out my INSTAGRAM for more pictures and short posts.


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