James Bond Beach- Jamaica| Where To Go

long bond beach

James Bond Beach is a well known secrete among returning tourists to Jamaica. It’s a great place to go to for many reasons. But if anything it helps you embrace  the brilliance of the country! How? Well for one it has a beautiful beach with crystal clear blue water and nice sandy beach for anyone to enjoy with family or friends.  There is also a great big field next to it which many locals and visitors play football on.

James Bond Beach is located at Oracabessa Bay, about 10 miles from Ocho Rios along Jamica’s north coast. It’s named James Bond Beach as Scenes from the James Bond movie “DR. No” were filmed at this beach.

Dr no

The beach is at a fish Sanctuary (Jamaica prides itself on knowing how to look after its local wildlife). If you were to bring your own snorkel equipment with you you will be able to enhance your visit further. While you are there you can see sea turtles and a while range of fish.

The food served there is fantastic and able to cater to meet many needs. The food is seasoned beautifully and your able to taste some of the best food that represents the Jamaican culture. The staff are friendly and outgoing, always trying to make sure you enjoy your visit. The  staff are also fantastic to talk to about what else there is to do locally and can provide some great local knowledge.

bond beach

There is often music played there to help create the amazing and calm Jamaican atmosphere. There can also be some fantastic events held there for both adults and families. Artists such as Rihanna, Ziggy Marley and Lauryn Hill have performed here and many more.  They cater to a range of needs and forever try and make you feel welcome.

For me James Bond Beach was great as I got to relax with my family, have fun, listen to some fantastic music and eat some great food. It was fantastic to see the clam area change when a music concert started in the evening and see two different sides to Jamaica in one place. It helped me fall in love with the country.


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