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Once you have booked the flight, sorted out your accommodation and checked out the all important power outlet situation and if you can get free wifi here are some of the top tips that I’ve used when travelling


  1. Know the food in the area you are staying in. – One of my biggest mistakes was not checking the food more in Shanghai before going there. Obviously I knew not to eat from all street vendors, but what I didn’t know after spending half of my time here eating chicken and other meat dishes was that the vegetable dishes were ten times better no matter where you go.
  2. Check the local transport in the area. – Nothing helps immerse you into the local culture more than using their busses and trains to get around. Especially in a country that doesn’t speak English. Somehow it liberates you and gives you an awesome sense of accomplishment if you manage to get from A to B without use of a guide and the internet but from memory of the route.
  3. wifiFree internet!!! – Check your mobile service provider as more and more are following three mobile and making the use of mobile internet and other services either free or cheaper. Three mobile is still the best for me with it providing not extra change to your current plan when visiting over 36 countries. It’s been a life saver as I get to call home or check places to visit across the country as if I was still at home. If you aren’t able to have internet from your service provider be careful of public WIFI as some locations are set up to obtain some of your important information and sell it onto hackers.
  4. Portable charger!! – In this modern day and age and wanting to do so much when you are out and about and then wanting to document it through film and photos it can drain your phone battery. Getting the right charger can enable you to capture the memories from your trip for a life time. But make sure that you don’t only experience these magical moments through your screen.walk
  5. Plan a walking adventure! – Look up a place of interest that is walking distance from your accommodation. Then when you are ready set off in the right direction and see what you stumble upon. Being able to just explore the local area and walk. Nine times out of ten the place you are staying in is so beautiful.
  6. Buy Travel Insurance! – Never say never, and although you know that nine times out of ten you wont need to use it, its always good to be safe rather than sorry and the one time you do need it is the one time you don’t have it!passport
  7. Make photocopies of important documents. – Its always useful to have a photocopy of all of your important documents in a separate bag just incase you lose the originals. This includes your passport as in some countries if you lose your passport they will still let you travel with a photocopy or it speeds up getting a temporary passport, saving you time and some money.
  8. Pack Extra Underwear– You never know when you’ll need them in an emergency and its even better to have quick dry ones if you are backpacking or travelling for a long amount of time.How I roll when I travel
  9. Sort out your cary on! – There will be a separate blog post about packing your carry on but I’ll introduce some key points now. Most people do not make the most out of their carry on, make sure you put all of your electronics in there (and their chargers) so that you don’t have to worry about it getting lost. Pack in your toiletries and a spare outfit (including underwear) for the same reason. You do not want to land somewhere new and lose all luggage to be left with no clothes, toiletries or electronics!
  10. Know your accommodation.– Whenever I go on holiday I always have picture of my accommodation address in both english and the local language to help just incase I get lost. Also it helps if you have a terrible memory like me.
  11. Let your bank know you are going abroad!– It would be horrible to be on a trip thats so amazing only for you you card to be blocked and your source of money to be stopped.
  12. Let someone at home know your plans for the day!– If you are travelling solo this is so important to let someone know. It’s in your best intrests to make sure at least one person at home knows your plans for the day just incase no matter how many people you are travlleing with

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