Copenhagen Street Food| Where To Go


Food glorious food! Copenhagen Is a beautiful place and fantastic for a day trip. I was there for less than 24 hours and did so much and saw a lot of tourist attractions but nothing was better than the amazing street food! The venue called Papirøen is located by the city’s waterfront which allows for one of the best views in Denmark during the summer. Copenhagen street food is on a rise becoming recognised on an international level. Each year more and more visitors go there and if you go onto YouTube there are more and more videos appearing documenting peoples visits to this incredible venue.

This place is awesome for many reasons, it meets the needs of may diets, it provides an awesome social hangout, it has amazing views, it’s a great place for live music and it has an awesome vibe there and a relaxed atmosphere! It’s a must see for any type of traveller and a place that you’ll think about for weeks after!

At Papirøen they aim to create cheap street food where the culture, food, sustainability and the good cause all go hand-in-hand at the untouched halls in Copenhagen’s harbour. Here you can find food trucks, coffee, beers and drinks.

The Street food here is unique in the fact that it manages to fuse the home grown Copenhagen style with a range of foreign cuisine. There is a range of food on sale here from Korean and Mexican decent as well and Italian and Danish food from small colourful food trucks. Even though the food trucks are all different colours and represent the business selling from them the raw halls that they are in give a maritime setting that provides a distinct Copenhagen feel to it that represents the old Copenhagen Meatpacking District. This helps provide something raw, genuine and authentic to the venue.

Here some of the food trucks serve organic food but the priority of this venue is that the food tastes good, it’s made from scratch, and it’s sustainable. Due to this the ingredients are not transported over long distances, but are local produce. The motto is “Genuine, honest and aesthetic”. Also here you can eat a meal for DKK 50 (£5.67 or $7.33 US or €6.72), some dishes cost more but there is always at least one option in that price range.


When I was there I had this amazing hot dog from the Pølse stall inside. They had several different options for the hotdog but i felt this combination of nearly everything was the best choice. I also loved the special toppings that they made using local produce it gave it a unique and lovely taste. Next time I go I will definitely eat there again.

Papirøen is also known as Paper town and it’s a place where artists and musicians come to host events and activities between meals. You can check out the website (click here) to see what is on when you are in town.

Paper town is also home to Copenhagen Contemporary and designer Henrik Vibskov’s little coffee shop den Plettede Gris. When it rains here you can eat inside as there is plenty of indoor seating, however when the sun shines there is a large outdoor seating area made up of benches and deck chairs allowing you to enjoy one of the best views in the city! It’s also good to note that Copenhagen Street Food is open according to the weather and if it rains a lot it may open later or close earlier.

Max capacity: 400 pax

Open section for private parties: 184 pax

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