Top travel destinations for amateur photographers| Where To Go

In the world there are so many beautiful places. You can seek beauty almost anywhere! It could be in your backyard or the middle of Antartica. Travelling both locally and globally can allow you to find amazing places to sharpen your photography skills.  Travelling with friends anywhere is great but even better as you have more chances to use a camera and capture some fantastic things. However, for me, I take my best shots alone in the middle of nowhere in almost silence with just my Spotify or Tidal playing my playlist of the moment. For me it’s like my own Star lord moment (Guardians of the galaxy reference, an amazing film and the second wasn’t too bad either). Today I’ll share with you a mixture of amazing places I’ve been and loved and places that I’m looking to book soon and grow my portfolio.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen was blissful. I was there alone for a day with my headphones and phone (it was a camera phone trip). In less than 24 hours I walked through most of the city, travelled on their interesting public transport and was in a heaven of beautiful colours. This city has so much colour, life and water that just makes it haven for a amateur photographer. Copenhagen street is a great place to start and plan your day while eating some beautiful food. Moving onto the street you can find their own love lock bridge, amazing streets with colourful buildings and fantastic architecture, moving to some fantastic historic statues, museums, boat taxis, greenery of the public gardens, little mermaid and Trivoli gardens. Copenhagen is a dream place in the middle of Europe and if you live in Europe it’s a place you can get to for a decent amount of money.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Jamaica is such a chilled and amazing place and Ocho Rios provides a beautiful background for that. Going here you are treated to a vibrate shopping and market place, a chance to go to super bars and peaceful beaches. You can also take a trip to the famous Dunns River falls to take amazing pictures and become immersed into the super scenery. Here it marries the beautiful nature and beaches fantastically and allows you to relax and enjoy while chilling.



My tip to Iceland was magical and one of the most underrated places I’ve ever been. From the moment I stepped of the plane every aspect of the country was a photographers heaven, with amazing natural landscape with a story behind every twist, turn and bump. With it being a volcanic island with many (and I mean so many) waterfalls. Its a country rich in history and natural beauty that is waiting to be explored. Once you being to come to terms with the amazing natural beauty, you get to see this amazing place at night and during the winter months and if you are in the right place you get to see the northern lights dancing through the nights. Not only is this a photographers dream but also a dream for anyone who just for a moment wants to believe in magic. The northern lights are magical and strangely provide time to reflect, but I’ll go into more detail in another blog. For now, trust me, book your flight to Iceland for a trip you’ll never forget.

London, England


This is a 40 minute trip for me, along the way I can stop off at take amazing pictures of the English countryside (also another blog post yet to come). But London itself is a beautiful place with so much history. A beautiful mixture of old and new buildings telling stories through pictures in this urban jungle. In one city you can see a range of cultures that all are waiting to be captured by your camera. From Camden to Shoreditch, from Westminster to Hackney there is so much to be captured and a field day for a new photographer. It can be like an amateur photographers play park.

Shanghai, China


A beautiful place with so much culture. A country that is rich in mystery to the western world, it provides a backdrop to times you read about, dreamed of or only saw in story books or movies. Bing their it provides a cultural mix and a chance to explore a new community. The markets and backstreets are fantastic to try new shots to capture stories that can be told in one picture while going to the bund and  downtown you can try new composition shots, through the day. The day shots downtown can be totally transformed at night as the city changes and you feel like you’ve travelled somewhere new. Shanghai is a super place to start when looking to explore China.

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

I’m yet to go her but from recent research it’s a place that should be next to tick off on your bucket list! Walking through Havana will have you feeling like you’re in a 50’s film set. Here you will find beautiful people and spectacular colonial buildings. It’s an extremely photogenic place that balances their existence with dereliction. It’s a place that has cars and building patched together with ingenuity, wood and hope. Coupled with the wonderful people and incredible light Havana is a great playground for a budding photographer.



Another place I am yet to visit but one that will provide many adventures and stories for a lifetime. Here taking one photo will tell a million stories. With a vast wildlife of seas filled with whales, skies the home of polar birds and of course the ground teemed with penguins.  This location provides a spectacular background with jagged mountains and incredible light. You could point your camera in any direction and find a great shot! The journey there it self could provide a million of photo opportunities with it being a boat expedition from Ushuaia, Argentina. A 36 hour crossing of the Drakes Passage is an interesting journey and not for the faint hearted but the rewards of the destination are worth every moment.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

The pictures you can take here are breathtaking. It’s a gorgeous place to visit but due to it being so remote it’s not that easy to get to. It takes a bit of planning to get there but it can be done by getting travel arranged from Peru (travel includes some luxury planes, trains and car). Once you’ve complete the long journey you are rewarded by the sights of the most stunning lost city on earth. The weather there can be unpredictable so make sure your equipment is well protected (trying to use a tripod could result in a permit). However when there the sights give lots of opportunities for a range of shots including sweeping panoramas and focused shots to capture those intimate details.

Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India

A place rich in culture you’ll find yourself lost in a city that provides so many opportunities to get your camera out. It can be hard to find the shot that speaks to you, but once you find your style and story to tell in this city you can capture some fantastic pictures. Mumbai is similar to London as it is constantly busy, but unlike London it is rather hot here. The high population makes it feel like the whole of India is in Mumbai, but once you relax you get to find the features that speak to you. Like Havana, the golden light allows for some beautifully lit portraits and urban or architectural photography.



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