Going into the glacier -Iceland| Where To Go


Last year I had an amazing experience on my trip to Iceland. I got to see and do so many things and while I was learning more about this beautiful country and taking in the beauty of this place I learnt more about myself every day. It was a weeks trip, but a life saving weeks trip for me. It enabled me to come to terms with some of my mental battles and also accept some of my quirkier traits. But the turning point in my trip was when I was at the highest point I have ever been with my two feet on the ground. When I got to experience life going into a glacier.

Who knew that Iceland had so much to do! I was surprised that for my 7 day stay I was booked solid with expeditions around this country. I needed a holiday after to help me relax after I was busy this whole trip. But going into the glacier was in my top 5 things to do in Iceland.


So what Is into the Glacier?

Into the Glacier offers many tours to one of Icelands biggest attractions, the manmade ice cave. The ice tunnel and caves are located high on Europe’s second largest glacier, Langjökull. Here you get to have a once in a lifetime experience to explore and experience a glacier from the inside.


Langjökull rises between 1200m and 1300m above sea level! (Which is incredible) The Long Glacier is the second largest in Iceland with an area of about 950 km². It rests on a massif of hyaloclastite mountains.

The southwestern part of the ice cap is called Geitlandsjokull. It rises to elevation of 1400m. On a fine day the view from up there is excellent (which I can attest to. One of the best days of my life was spent here with the amazing sun beating down on me ). To the south of the Geitlandsjokull and separated from the main ice cap, is the smaller, 1350m high Thorisjokull on top of an irregular table mountain. According to the legend, it was named after the troll Thorir, who lived in a gree valley in the pass between the glaciers. (In my time in Iceland I learnt about many legends and tails involving trolls and elves, it all adds to the magic of the place).

My magical time 


It was a beautiful day with the sun beating down and I stood in the area near the walkway to the glacier. I walked around at this height and I had silence for a moment, I had blocked out my travelling party and I just took in the breath taking view. I could see for miles around and felt both the significance and insignificance to my being. At that moment I began to realise that in relation to the world I’m smaller than a molecule of water in a bath tub full of water. My size compared to the world is almost insignificant (and trust me growing up I thought I was big and tough, so realising this it wasn’t easy). But what I also realised was if this tiny molecule moved and persisted to move and effect those molecules around I could create a wave in this bathtub!

One person continually persisting and believing in their dream can make it come true and have a positive effect on many. If i stick to what I know and believe to be true I can help so many people and make their lives amazing! So no matter how hard it may feel at times when you are trying to achieve your goal, if you believe in yourself enough you can achieve it.

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