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In the 21st century with travel being so accessible when people are starting to settle down and building families they still want to travel. And traveling with children is a whole new ball game (and trust me I understand a bit of your pain as I’m a teacher and doing a weeks residential with children is so stressful!) So here are my top airlines and hotels for the modern day travelling family. (but you could just ignore this blog post entirely and get an RV to travel over any country).

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand provide comfort for the whole family. They have introduced sky couches which can allow the child to lay down and sleep (which children either do a lot of or none at all when flying) as the adult enjoys the airline entertainment.  Air New Zealand also has ‘Jet Cadet’ – a kids pack that is fun for children. It has a range of activities to help occupy the children throughout the flight. They also have meals that cater to a range of children including fussy eaters (one less thing for you to worry about). If you have a small infant you aren’t forgotten about as you can book a bassinet online before departure to allow you little one to have a comfortable flight.

 Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines has a specialist in-flight magazine called Fly With Me Monster that is complemented by collectible fizzy toys, blankets, and Sketcher seatbelt critters that encourage children to comply with safety requirements. Emirates also provides a service to older children, they can get Quicksilver wallets, travel journals, backpacks, cooler bags, story books and eye masks (not a bad deal right). They also provide different meals for children aged 2-12 and they offer baby food too!

Their in-flight entertainment crammed with more than 60 children movies, 20 dedicated children’s television channels and a music section curated to provide the younger children a musical soundtrack for the journey (children also get colourful headphones to enjoy the entertainment).

This airline also provides priority boarding for families, complementary buggies (strollers) at Dubai Airport’s Terminal 3, and dedicated play areas at the airline’s exclusive lounges. There is also a Skysurfers flyer program just for kids!

Etihad Airways

Etihad want to help provide a smooth flight for families and part of this is having flying nannies to help provide support and rest bite for the adults on the trip. They can help entertain the children and also give you a break at meal time! (I know meal times with children can be stressful as it is let  alone while several thousand feet in the air!) The Nannies have had special childcare training from renowned Norland College in the United Kingdom. The nannies (aka specialized flight attendants) can be found wearing bright orange aprons, can help families from the gate to the seat to help make boarding easier, they help prepare bassinets, keep children entertained with puppets, face painting, magic tricks, and arts and crafts for the length of the flight. The service is free (YES FREE, amazing right) and its available on all long-haul flights. Also Etihad prepares nutritious and fun meals for kids in addition to their award winning bottle-warming service and limited supply of baby food.



Qantas Airlines provides it’s younger passengers with plenty of treats onboard to pass the time, including activity kits and dedicated children’s in flight entertainment. However, the main feature is their Family Zones at the airline’s domestic lounges. Current and colourful, these junior lounges provide lots of entertainment including iMacs, Playstations, children’s furniture, toys and books. Some also serve child-friendly snacks and refreshments.


Virgin Atlantic

Similar to other family-friendly airlines, Virgin Atlantic offers kids a special menu and entertainment appropriate for children. But the airport also pays close attention to children safety and well-being. Its in-flight entertainment has parental controls (the flight crew are great and will help set it up), and Virgin also provides a special infant sear built to fit all of its seats onboard. Parents who prefer to use their own car seats when travelling should check the airline’s website for compatibility.


I hope this blog post provided information to make your next family flight a smooth run and a great way to start or end your trip! For more information check out the airline web address bellow

Air New Zealand

Emirates Airline

Etihad Airways

Qantas Airways

Virgin Atlantic


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