Want to make the most out of your trip| Top Tips

Emirates Airlines

I know a lot of people get so excited and overwhelmed when going on holiday that they don’t always find the bets places to go on holiday or find out much about the area that they are in. They want to travel and integrate in the local community but they do not want to stick out or put themselves in danger. Or at times people don’t always have the time or resources to find events, restaurants, places to go, things to do and how to get the best out of their holiday. So a FREE personalised Travel Plan would be ideal for many travellers.

So X marks the ____ is here to help. Message us where you are going and when you will be there (if you are not there already and we will find things for you to do, places to go and places to eat. Depending on the depth of information that you provide about what you want to do or just about your personality type will depend on how personalised the results will be. AND IT’S FOR FREE!

So if you have booked the holiday but want the joys of someone else planning the outings for your tip to make the process before or during the trip at lot easier send us an email at : xmarksthecommunity@gmail.com  and if you want a more personalised travel plan let us know what makes an ideal trip (food, activities, drink, company) and let us know what could ruin your trip and we make a travel plan made just for you! ALL FOR FREE

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