Ocho rios- Jamaica| Where To Go

As Louis Armstrong once sang “What a wonderful world”. That Song make life feel sweet when listening to it on a beach in Ocho Rios Jamaica with a rum in your hand. Being able to sun yourself in Ocho Rios is the best holiday to go on when at any point of your life! There is so much to do here and a great place to chill out. This destination is one for any traveller with great places for families to enjoy their holiday, places for adventures to go and have an adventure, places for backpackers to explore, anything you want in a trip long or short Ocho Rios has it! So here is some of my favourite places to go and some other things you can do there.


Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls is a highlight of many people visit to Ocho Rios. This waterfall is one of the most photographed attractions in Jamaica, and once you’ve taken some sublime photos of this waterfall you can climb this waterfall. You could get a guide to help you climb or free climb like me (overtime I’ve been there I have just free climbed and it has been an incredible experience to make your own path and decisions, equally the adrenaline you feel when you lose a grip or footing but you save yourself is also cool if you are thrill seeking, if you are not then get a guide to help make the smooth journey). You can also slide down the smooth rocks here, enjoy the beach and swim in the cool lagoons at the base. It is a place that I would highly suggest you visit.

For more visit their website here.




Firefly is the hilltop home and final resting place of playwright, Sir Noel Coward. It is on the site of a former lookout for the pirate Henry Morgan. (Just in those two pieces of information makes this place sound bad ass!)

The simple one-bedroom home was built high on a hill above Coward’s original home, Blue Harbour, and his photos, paintings, and pianos are still in place. Today visitors can tour the home and enjoy spectacular views of the Jamaican coast (The view is honestly breathtaking, especially at sunrise or sunset).

Check out the official site here

Dolphin Cove Jamaica


Across the road from Dunn’s River Falls is the popular Dolphin Cove. It is a three-acre marine park offering dolphin, shark, and stingray encounters (awesome opportunities to swim with dolphins, watch a shark show and get to feel stingrays).

The property includes a natural cove where visitors can snorkel or kayak surrounded by rainforest (The kayaking was great when I was there and a great activity to do with your travel bud) . As well as encounters with marine creatures, animal lovers can visit iguanas, snakes, and tropical birds on the Jungle Trail walk (I did this on the way out and it was a great end to my outing here).

I was able to spend a whole day here and it was great! such a chilled out vibe, great staff members and so much to do when you are there.

Check out the official site here

James Bond Beach


My first blog post was about this fantastic place (Check it out here).  But I’ll recap the highlights here. James Bond Beach is a well known secrete among returning tourists to Jamaica. It’s a great place to go to for many reasons. But if anything it helps you embrace  the brilliance of the country! How? Well for one it has a beautiful beach with crystal clear blue water and nice sandy beach for anyone to enjoy with family or friends.  There is also a great big field next to it which many locals and visitors play football on or for concerts to be held. Artist such as Rhianna and Lauyrn Hill have performed here. You can also get some amazing food here too! It’s great place for families or couples to go and spend some nice chilled time together.


Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain

Rainforest Bobsled

Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain is one of the top attractions in Ocho Rios. When you arrive you ascend up the mountain on a chairlift (The Rainforest Sky Explorer) and enjoy the beautiful views of the coastline bellow. Once you make it to the top there is so much to do. Adventure seekers can cruise down the mountain on Bobsled Jamaica (a single person roller coaster ride, unfortunately you cant recreate cool runnings). Others can choose to fly through the rainforest treetops on the zip-lines. There are also guided nature walks and an infinity pool with a waterslide amongst other things to do at this growing popular park.

Check the official site here

Blue Hole

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

At the Blue Hole, in the lush mountains outside Ocho Rios. Here nature lovers can soak in refreshing jungle pools fed by a series of waterfalls. The local guides lead visitors over the slick rocks to vantage points high on the rocks where they can jump off into the blue pools below. It’s a great little spot to enjoy the freedom and calmness of Jamaica.

Top tip- bring a camera and water shoes.

White River

White River Jan 2017

White River is a 90 minute excursion from Ocho Rios (so it isn’t exactly in Ocho but it was too good to leave out!) Here you get to enjoy the wonders of river tubing!! When inside you can hop on to a sturdy inner tube and shoot the rapids, spotting the locals in their riverside homes. You get the chance to enjoy the views of the bamboo and coconut plantations. While you are here you can drift through tranquil lagoons as you admire the tropical scenery float by. Also you can have an experienced local guide with you to keep you safe and informed and help enrich the experience. Refreshments are also included here!

Check out more information Here

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and you are now about to book your trip to Ocho Rios right 😉



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