LA Food Trucks| Where To Go

Following our fascination with food we thought we would explore the best food trucks in LA. Get ready to make your mouth water…

Kogi BBQ

Kogi BBQ

Known as the “Kogi Beef Truck” or “Kogi Korean BBQ Truck”, most people just know this truck as “delicious”, and you really haven’t had a taste of Los Angeles until you’ve tried a Kogi creation.

Born from late-night hunger by founders Mark Manguera, Caroline Shin-Manguera, and Chef Roy Choi, these ever-famous Kogi trucks have been serving up Korean-Mexican cuisine all around town and are now considered traveling LA landmarks, having helped to ignite the local food truck scene.

Huge queues of Angelenos with eager appetites line up by the dozens to get a taste of Kogi’s signature Spicy Pork Tacos, Kimchi Quesadillas, Short Rib Sliders, and more. Every bite carries the rhythms of LA street culture, exudes the warmth of the California sun, and satiates the cravings of Kogi fans on a budget, who need to get their fix of high-quality cuisine on the cheap.

So next time you’re looking for food that’s crazy-tasty, come on out and get yourself some Kogi!

The Grilled Cheese Truck

The Grilled Cheese Truck - LA

The Original Grilled Cheese Truck has been Melting the hearts and bellies of cheese lovers since 2009. The signature Sandwich, the Cheesy Mac and Rib Melt has garnished nationwide accolades and has been seen on TV shows like Unwrapped, Unique Eats, Food Truck Paradise and many more. Their ever changing menu and the option to build your own creation has people coming back for more! Chef driven grilled cheese… ‘cause that’s how they roll!

Cousins Maine Lobster

Cousins Maine Lobster

The freshest, most succulent lobster you’ll ever enjoy on the streets is brought to you by two cool cousins who joined forces back in 2012 to make their dream of sharing the authentically fun and lusciously buttery seafood experience that’s native to Maine, with the up and coming food truck scene in LA.

With excellent quality, service, a finger on the pulse of social media, and a growing foodie following, it didn’t take long for their small fleet of lobster trucks to attract the ever-sharp sharks from Shark Tank. After sealing a deal with Barbara Corcoran, and with 13 trucks now roaming the country, it’s safe to say that Cousins Maine Lobster is one the most successful food truck franchises today.

The seafood fans of Los Angeles are definitely feelin’ the lobstah love with Cousins’ delightful selection of Rolls, Quesadillas, Tacos, Tots, and more, all stuffed to perfection with plump, flavorful fresh Maine lobster. And if you’re looking to feed your guests at your next event the incredible cuisine from Cousins, just know that these trucks are happy to roll up and cater!

Next time you’re craving some wicked yummy seafood, the Cousins Maine Lobster truck is totally the way to go.

Lobsta Truck

Lobsta Truck

The Lobsta Truck is the premier LA provider of the ocean’s most prized crustacean. Get a taste and find them to have a lobster dinner or lunch.

A few weeks after a wonderful trip to the east coast, we decided that we were going to open the Lobsta Truck. With the lobster shacks in Maine similar to the taco shacks in LA, it seemed like the perfect fit. We proceeded to find a supplier that could deliver us fresh lobster and worked on developing our own lobster rolls. We tried a few types of bread, as we couldn’t find the traditional split top New England rolls in LA, but it just wasn’t right. As a result, like the lobster, we get our bread fresh from New England. We couldn’t just have lobster rolls as our only menu item, so we decided to also add crab rolls, New England clam chowder, Cape Cod chips, and fresh squeezed lemonade. With all the pieces in place, we were ready to roll!


Coolhaus - LA

“You can’t build a house without a blueprint and you can’t build a food truck without a great idea.”–Natasha and Freya, Coolhaus’ famous founders

After building careers in real estate and design, Natasha & Freya together came up with the concept of “farchitecture” (food + architecture) back in 2008, when various architects and architectural movements inspired them to concoct a Coolhaus: an innovative ice cream sandwich in the form of a deconstructed house: a cookie roof and floor, and handmade ice cream for the walls.

From the moment you’re served a Coolhaus, you’re instantly in for a unique treat. First, the wrapper with its custom-printed inked label…is all edible. Second, the crunchy cookies for you to choose, come in classic flavors (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, etc…), but a few options are quite distinct (Confetti Whoopie Pie, Fruity Pebbles & Marshmallow, Maple Flapjack, Snickerdoodle Candy Corn, etc…). You’ll also find an eclectic selection of ice cream flavors; like Strawberry, Chocolate Peppermint, and L’Eggo My Eggo, Horchata, Thai Tea, and Pizza, Chicken & Waffles, Peking Duck… and all their flavors are so crazy-tasty.

So come on out to the Coolhaus truck and dig right into one of these delightful creations, with flavors as lovely as home, sweet, home.

The Lobos Truck LA

he Lobos Truck LA.png

Los Angelenos go loco for the delicious California-style comfort food from the famous Lobos Truck. This talented team grills up a mouthwatering selection of premium burgers, including The Chinook (⅓ lb. American-Kobe beef burger with garlic aioli, cheddar, lettuce, and tomato on a fresh-baked Brioche bun), and other hearty specialties, such as the Mac ‘N’ Cheese with bacon and hot wings. Watch out for this truck on the streets so that you can savor an order of their wonderful Wachos (crispy crunchy waffle fries, topped diablo/angel buffalo sauce, crumbled bleu cheese, savory bacon, scallions, and ranch). And for dessert, don’t forget to dig into their Salted Caramel Bacon Brownie…mmm… For all this and much more, be sure to check out The Lobos Truck. You will love every bite.

Border Grill Truck

Border Grill Truck

Welcome to the Border Grill Truck! Gourmet tacos, quesadillas, ceviches, and more from “Too Hot Tamales” Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger.

Presenting the bold flavors of modern Mexican cuisine, Border Grill Truck sets a new standard for mobile gourmet fare. Our menu is always evolving so this is just a sample of our most popular dishes. Be sure to ask about our farmers market specials to get an exclusive taste of the latest chef creations.

Bringing the modern flavors of Mexico to a neighborhood near you, and booking private events and regular route stops now! Check out the Roaming Hunger map whenever this truck tweets to find out where it will be next!

Free Range LA

Free Range LA.png

Once you try any a bite of any breakfast items or fresh hot fried chicken options from Free Range LA, you too will find their food to be freakishly delish.

The Free Range truck is hitting up different coffee spots throughout the week and you’re sure to see them at Melrose Place Farmer’s Market on the weekends, pleasing everyone with their tasty comfort cuisine, including their…

Famous Avocado Toast- thick cut sourdough topped with over-easy egg, Hass avocado mash, sriracha drizzle, and pickled onions

The Original Free Range LA Chicken Sandwich- Tempura-fried free range chicken, fresno chili cole slaw, whole grain honey mustard sauce on a toasted portuguese bun

Twice Cooked & Hand-Torn Crispy Potatoes- roasted and fried Russet potatoes with everythings seasoning

…and there’s frankly so much more…

So for a fun, friendly, and wonderfully scrumptious foodie exchange, come on out to Free Range LA!

Belly BombZ

Belly BombZ

Bringing a new twist to chicken wings and sliders with an Asian flare.

Belly Bombz was created by Albert Shim in early 2012. Albert finished Culinary School and decided to try and offer something that he felt wasn’t already on the table for food culture. Belly Bombz was first started at farmers markets then eventually grew out further. Belly Bombz mixes different asian inspired flavors with the oh so popular wings. We thought why not fuse chicken wings with other flavors that your traditional wing spot would offer. By popular demand we decided to venture into the food truck craze allowing us to go to different locations. Now that you know a little about us, come see what we’re talking about!

Baby’s Badass Burgers

Baby's Badass Burgers - LA

Baby’s Badass Burgers has been at the forefront of the LA food truck scene serving notoriously delicious 1/2 lb gourmet burgers since our inception in 2009. With over 13,000 twitter followers, winners of several food contests (Travel Channel’s “Food Wars”, Cooking Channel’s “Eat Street”) and multiple television appearances (HBO’s “Entourage”, CBS’ “The Defenders”, ABC’s “Shark Tank”, CNBC’s “Restaurant Startup”), it’s apparent why Baby’s is a leader in the food truck industry. We also are featured in the movie, CHEF, starring Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau.

Me So Hungry

Me So Hungry

The talented crew running the MeSoHungry truck specializes in delicious gourmet burgers & sliders that should satisfy the cravings of any street food aficionado. After crafting an impressive career cooking in the kitchens of McCormick and Schmicks and The Four Seasons, Chef Cory Ewing has created a mobile menu that puts a classy twist on classic fare, without overpowering the flavors with too many ingredients. And one of the best things about Me So Hungry? Burger fans of LA can enjoy all this quality cuisine at a quite reasonable price.

To find out more about these burgers and what makes them a mouthwatering favorite, check out the Roaming Hunger blog here:



Chunk-N-Chip is a family owned business that creates smiles & seasonal Craft Ice Cream Sammiches®: oven-warmed, ooey gooey cookies served with honest-to-good ice cream – YUMM! We are a small-batch business with a soft spot for fresh, simple, premium ingredients (locally sourced when possible). No artificial whatchamacallits or mass production here. Just old school craftsmanship and a ton of love!

Our craft cookies and honest to good ice cream are handmade in small batches only with simple, real ingredients. Like good old-fashioned elbow grease and tons of love! While we carry classics like chocolate chip cookies & vanilla bean ice cream, we pride ourselves on creating fresh, fun and seasonal flavors that “WOW!” and get taste buds popping!

Ragin’ Cajun

Ragin' Cajun

The Ragin Cajun is the home of authentic Cajun dining in Southern California. Since its founding, we at the Ragin Cajun Cafe have focused on friendly service combined with the best Cajun dining experience to be found outside of Bayou country.

The Beignet Truck

The Beignet Truck

We serve New Orleans style Beignets and Coffees.Our products are imported from New Orleans so that you get an Athentic taste & feel of the French Quarter. We also have Gourmet Hot Chocolate and a maple glaze & Nutella glaze to dip the Beignets.



We are Los Angeles #1 Brazilian Gourmet Food Truck. Come experience great Brazilian taste! From our great pasteles to our fantastic burgers, wraps, and sandwiches, we won’t leave you hungry!

South Philly Experience

South Philly Experience

The Philly to LA exodus is well-documented: you’re born and raised, spend most of your days chilling out max on a playground, and, when a couple of guys start making trouble in your neighborhood, you move out West, get deep into Scientology and marry that Matrix chick that did Laurence Fishburne. Though others might just start a cheesesteak food truck, like South Philly Experience.

Just getting rolling, SPE is a new sandwich food truck dedicated to replicating the street food flavors of the region that bears its name, run by recently-transplanted cousins who worked together in an Italian restaurant back home, yet somehow managed to actually move out of their mothers’ houses anyways. Illadelphness starts with sandwiches like traditional cheesesteak with or w/o onions plus provolone, American, or wiz; chicken cutlet w/ spinach, broccoli rabe, or roasted peppers; roasted pork w/ cheese or greens; and meatball and chicken parm subs; all are served on classic rolls imported from the Philly bakery Amoroso, a process that everyone agrees was a total bitch. Sides include fresh cut fries, meatballs, peppers, spinach, and rabe, as well as three varieties of the hard-to-find TastyKakes: the chocolate-covered Peanut Butter Kandy Kake, moist Butterscotch Krimpets, and straight-up chocolate cupcakes, which spend their downtime depressed that they’re not loved enough to misspell.

Jogasaki Sushi Burrito

Jogasaki Sushi Burrito

Only in LA could a beautiful fusion of Mexican street food and Japanese cuisine originate, and it’s all thanks to this eye-catching truck with the sombrero-donning samurai. As Jogasaki rolls through the city, its team rolls up big burritos stuffed with delicious sushi fixings that busy commuters can enjoy on the go.

Their signature burrito creations include crisp cucumber, slices of fresh avocado, and a combination of your choice of luscious crab meat, spicy tuna, BBQ eel, baked Langostino lobster, or shrimp tempura, which is all wrapped snuggly in rice and sesame seed-speckled soy paper. Their menu also offers innovative items like the Spicy Tuna Nachos (with spicy tuna, avocado and eel sauce, all piled high on a bed of Doritos) or the Salmon Ceviche Taco (with salmon sashimi and pico de gallo, dressed with tangy ponzu and yuzu dressing).

For all this and much more, you gotta get yourself over to Jogasaki soon!

Mandoline Grill

Mandoline Grill

Mandoline Grill started with the simple promise to bring delicious Vietnamese food to Los Angeles.

Owner, Mong Skillman, incorporates both traditional and vegan options into the menu. The flavor and family history is passed down through her mother’s tasty recipes, who also owns and operates Sông Hương restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii.

In the fall of 2009, Mandoline Grill launched at the Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park. For these first few months, Mong supplied her own fryers, toaster oven, and coolers, basically throwing a backyard cookout at the beloved Eastside bar. As support grew, Mong started riding shotgun and working shifts on the Dosa Truck, just to get a hang of the food truck life before hitting the streets in her own truck this past February 2010.

Now Mong has the privilege of introducing her mother’s inspirational flavors to LA (and beyond!) as she drives the Mandoline Grill truck from Orange County to Echo Park to Santa Monica, offering fresh, crisp vegan and carnivore-friendly bánh mì sandwiches, and of course, her mother’s famous bún thịt nướng noodle bowls.

We are pleased to offer you a taste of Vietnam with a splash of Aloha!

Get Shaved

Get Shaved

Get Shaved is a mobile street food shave ice company founded in 2008 serving the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area. Our mission is to provide the highest quality and best tasting Hawaiian style shave ice to the people all over the streets of Los Angeles. We also cater private parties and events and participate in local farmers’ markets and festivals.

Waffles de Liege

Waffles de Liege

Waffles de Liege separates itself from most other Liege waffle eateries in that all of their dough is freshly made from scratch each morning. You would be hard pressed to find any pre-made waffle dough in our truck. The recipe we use is the culmination of weeks of testing and research, making sure the taste and texture is authentically Belgian. The extra work required to achieve this was never regarded as an inconvenience. Our company culture revolves around passion for the food and a dedication to providing our customers with only the best of the best. We feel that there really is no other way to serve Liege waffles than to make them fresh, prepare them fresh, and serve them fresh.

Originally created in the 18th century in Liege, Belgium, the Liege waffle is one of two types of “Belgian” waffles, the other type being the Brussels waffle. In the states, Brussels waffles are much more widely served and known and can be found anywhere from chain eateries to more upscale establishments. As a matter of fact, Brussels waffles are so commonplace nowadays that they are almost synonymous with the name Belgian waffles, a broad description originally reserved both Liege and Brussels waffle types. Those who are familiar with Liege waffles know so because they have either traveled to Europe (where Liege waffles are much more popular) or are avid dessert foodies who actively seek out unique food items and/or look to recreate such items.

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