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When planning a trip the thing that people either under park or over pack is the appropriate accessories. It is hard to get it right but when you do it can help make sure your trip is incredible.

Here are our opinions on some of the best travel accessories you could take with you without breaking the bank.

Private label bags

These are some of the dopest carry on bags around. Brilliant for trainer enthusiasts. Also great for packing the most into a comfortable and stylish carry on. These bags provide style and comfort when travelling and you do not need to worry about them charing extra as it is the perfect size for a carry on. They have a range of backpacks and cabin bags to choose from with a style that will complement your travel needs.

Check them out here

Pop sockets


I LOVE taking a range of pictures on my travels and I use my phone for literally everything in my day to day life let alone when I travel! When on a trip my phone literally doesn’t leave my hand, this can be lethal with my clumsiness so to help combat this and stop me from dropping my precious phone everywhere I have invested in a pop socket which has transformed the way I hold my phone. I now have more security when I hold it and it no longer hits my face when I lay down. However the best part of this is I can now get rid of the dip in my little finger that my phone has been balancing on for years!

Check them out here

Fisheye lenses for the phone

Fisheye lens

When I was on my trip to China a couple of years ago I brought one of these for fun in the market rather cheap. It was just for fun but rather quickly I realised that with the three lenses you get in the pack you can change your picture game incredibly. What started as fun and trying something new became part of my unique social photography. Buy this, in truth, was the start of me seeing my trips in a different light and allowed me to start exploring more when travelling looking for those parts of the world with breath taking views and finding part of my soul around the world.  If you want to try one at a reduced price get one here

Travel money wallets

money wallet

These new take on the travel wallets are starting to make a stir in some circles. These provide extra security and peace of mind when it comes to making sure your money stays safe on your travel. It may be a bit pricey but for that security it will be worth the price as it features a bolt action ejection system, intuitive card selection, Real carbon fiber and a polished stainless steel money clip for rapid access to cash.

Inspired by stealth technology, crafted from aerospace grade aluminium and twinned with cutting edge carbon fibre, Stealth is capable of withstanding a rugged and active lifestyle, while refined minimalist design makes your style unique wherever you are.

Taking design inspiration from stealth aviation and using aerospace grade aluminium, we’ve precision machined the body into a lightweight yet durable form.

For one check them out here

Travel pillows

travel pillow

They don’t always provide comfort unless you find the pillow for you. Recently when travelling i have found the one for me! I wear it in an unconventional way, backwards as I feel it gives the most support when sleeping up right, working with the seat opposed to against it. Also I love that it has little pocket to keep your phone close as you sleep.

Get yours here


Now I could (and should) do a whole post just on the range of headphones that provide the best sound, comfort, battery life and simplicity to your life. However I’m restricted to just one paragraph so I’ll go with what I use. Now before I say what I use I know there are many headphones out there at a better price that do the same job but I’m in love with my Dre beats. I have two pairs, over ear and in ear. For me they are great, come with their own carry pouch, brilliant durability, long battery life, provide great quality of songs while I explore and allow for a great backing track to my new adventure. I currently have beats Solo and Beats X and love both pairs and both have their own purpose for me while I travel and both are wireless! The best thing about the Beats X other than the reasons above is the fact that it uses the same charger as my phone that allows for an easy life.

Find the right pair for you here

Plug adapters

travel plug

Plug adapters are the thing people often forget, lose and then buy too many of at airports or at the destination for them to break. Me, being a person who forgets a lot of things the plug never makes it into my bag, until I bought this world travel plug! it now stays in my carry on bag for any adventure and can be used in almost every country. It’s saved me money and provided me with some of the most satisfying joy when i reach somewhere new to see that I have this.

The PRO Light World Travel Adapter is all you need to use your electrical appliances all over the world and can even handle high-powered ones like your laptop, MP3 player or hairdryer.

Swiss-designed and with an integrated fuse, it’s not only the smallest 3-pin world adapter on the market, it’s also the safest. Use it with confidence wherever you travel – North America, Europe, China and Australia.

To get yours click here


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