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Well I’ve been working on this blog for a little while now and thought that I should give you some information of the crazy person behind this tame blog.

I’m not a alien nor a cowboy. I’m not a millionaire nor a billionaire (but one day I will be!) I am just a humble teacher based just outside of London. I love my day job and get a new perspective on life every day. its the best job for me during the day as with my ADHD I need to live the life of a busy classroom to keep my mind occupied.

I started this blog at first to keep my mind off work and help inform me more on travel. but as time has gone on I have changed and so has the blog.

Firstly, I am forever grateful for this blog and what it has done for me of the past year. It has helped me build some sort of work life balance and allowed me to escape from dull reality. This blog has been the start of me looking after myself mentally as I has provided me with a break from the norm and helped change my mindset.

With the change of mindset came a change in my behaviour and me considering what I value and what makes me, me. I am still searching and I am no where near to fully knowing who I am (but hey who is ever completely sure and to be honest the essence of starting this blog was about finding parts of me around the world).

Over the last year I have continued to love to research travel but lost the love for writing about it. I dabble with making videos and contemplated making a podcast. However I have stuck with writing as when on a topic I love I can write so well. So as I have begun to find my core values my interests have changed and so too will the content of this blog. It will no longer be just about travel or food but explore any topics I love at that time. I’m sure over years I may contradict myself but thats part of growing.

So from this post onwards the blog is looking at a range of topics as I find my voice and start to use it, I’ll look into Veganism and ethical issues around the world, I’ll start to share my personal stories and letters to people I love as part of improving myself, I’ll comment on popular news stories and cultural trends, I’ll blog about a range of things with my view attached to it and I cant wait. This is different to the things I have been doing over the last year and it is slightly scary for me but also exciting and I hope you enjoy the ride.

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