Letter to my old best friend #2 -A| Perosnal

Dear A

What a friend you were all through high school! We would do some crazy shit together and think we were the bees knees.

We hit it off after I changed high schools and managed to find common ground in a cultural level. We had similar households and upbringings and a great sense of humour.

I knew with you I would laugh for hours. You made school seem amazing on the worse days and our walks home were great full of laughs and sweets.

We tried to keep the friendship on after school but going to different colleges had its pull and we were going down different roads. The communication slowly stopped and now we are just that friend we see in social media every now and then.

I’ve seen you’ve had a child now a beautiful son! Congratulations he looks beautiful and I’m sure you’ll be an amazing mum!

You were a great friend through that time in my life and allowed me to embrace my crazy and my heritage.

I remember that quote that people won’t always remember what you looked like or what you said but they will remember how you made them feel and you always made me feel normal and real and I could just be me. You were amazing at that point in my life and I hope I have to you what you gave to me.

Love you all ways

Crazy T

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