What if they don’t like me…| Personal

What if they don’t like me is one of the major sayings that has stopped me from filling going for it! So this blog post is dedicated to thinking about what would happen if they didn’t like me and let’s see if I die from typing these out.

1) They call me names behind my back/ to my face

– Half the time I try to second guess the names and conversations they are saying about me I’m way off the mark and I wasn’t even on their mind. So I’ve wasted my time wondering and thinking about them when they couldn’t care less. And when they do call me names I either don’t listen and brush it or I’m hurt for a moment before moving on. It’s never as bad as my mind makes it out to be!

2) They aren’t my fiends

– To be honest this is a stupid one for me to be worried about. I like the idea of friends but when they bring nothing but drama to my life and do not bring me value or joy to my life I try to cut them out. So if they don’t want to be my friend then I doubt they would ah e brought value to my life. Equally they are on their own journey and I might not need to be in their life at this time but later on if we are meant to be friends then it will work out and if we aren’t then I’ll forget all about them! So either way it’s no biggie to get worried about!

3) I’ll miss out on an opportunity

– Yes this could happen but I need to remember you win some and you lose one. I know things happen for a reason and I need to do what I know is right for my results and stop comparing to others. Also if I focus on my blessings and what’s been going well and my blessings that I currently have. If I keep on focusing on what I have missed then I won’t be able to appreciate what I have.

4) They speed shit about me to people I value/ care about

There was a wise old saying that goes a little something like this, “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” So if they have my best interest at heart and care for me the way I care for them they shouldn’t care about what others say about me as they know me best. Also if I am honest with myself and those that I care about I shouldn’t be worried about what others think/ spread about me as I know my truth and those who really mean something to me will know my truth.

5) What if they get people to leave me and leave me alone

This answer can be split into two parts:

a) Why do we have such a fear of being alone, this is where you can fully form your own opinions and become your own person with little influence from others.

b) If people are that easily influenced to leave you they were never going to stay and they have severed a purpose to you and you to them but the time is to move on!


At this point I can’t think of anymore reasons/ outcomes of if people don’t like me but drop your barriers bellow and I’ll see if I can counter it with some positivity. (side note I have just realised none of my answers ended with me dead so I guess all will work out if people don’t like me, the bigger question is what if people do like me!- Now thats scary!)


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