Letter to my old best friend #3- S| Personal

Dear S

Well, well, well where do I start. You were a great companion during uni and a friendship that grew stronger over the years. You were my car pool buddy and we had numerous conversations about life. The highs and lows. The catty comments about other members on our course.

You were hilarious and a great friend to just drive with. An amazing car buddy and someone to dream up adventures with. At one point you asked me to be a bridesmaid and it was with pure happiness that I accept the offer.

You were kind, funny and an intelligent lady. You brought joy to miserable days. We had too many jokes and bad carpool karaoke that will stay in my memory for a lifetime.

But like my other uni friend things went strange at some point. I was battling my own demons and we both were going through shit and we went from being out the best in each other to bringing out the bitch in each other. There are things we both said that looking back we shouldn’t have and we allowed conversations about others go too far. Soon our bonding was no longer bitching to let if steam but botching for a sport and seeing how bad we could complain about someone or make random jokes at others misfortune. I’m not proud of myself at this time and unfortunately it tinged our relationship.

As I came out of this stage I knew I had to pull seats from you and the girls for me to break the cycle. I was having anxiety attack’s about seeing you all and it was down to my own words. I had to pull away from the world to work on me again and make a person who is stronger and nicer. Back to who I know I can be and want to be.

This however strained our relationship and it almost completely broke down but your persistence at getting us to meet wore me down and I still see you from time to time. Our interactions are different now as there are people or things we feel we should mention but we don’t as we both don’t want to go down the rabbit hole. It’s largely just a catching up session with very little substance (Luke the beginning of many romcoms where there is lunch between two friends).

I appreciate the friendship we once have and I appreciate the effort you are putting in to keeping something still there now (I need to work on my effort).

Thank you for the bad singing and terrible jokes and maybe one day we will get back to that.

Much love

T x

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