Ios| Where To Go

This blog post takes you to the amazing Ios, a place highly recommended by all that have visited! Check out my recomendations of places to visit below.



Manganari Beach

Removed from the general pulse of tourism around Chora, Manganari Beach is clean and clear, accessible by boat and car, and offers plenty of facilities for travellers. In truth, Manganari is actually made up of many small, sandy coves, which helps add a sense of seclusion to the stretch.


This Byzantine castle is located on the eastern side of the island. The remains of the castle, including some of its walls, stand right on the edge of a cliff, offering fantastic views out over the Aegean sea. Inside the castle, visitors will find a small church, which celebrates an annual festival in honour of the Virgin Mary.

Mylopotas Beach

The most visited beach on the island is Mylopotas Beach, located right near the town of Chora. Like many of the beaches on Ios, this is a great place to enjoy the crystalline waters and white sand of the Aegean. Incidentally, this is also where visitors will find the well-known Far Out Beach Club, the number one spot to party on Ios.


For more intrepid types, hiking Ios’ back country is a must, especially when navigating the shepherd paths through the rocky terrain up to Pyrgoss, the island’s highest point. This leads wanderers to the old monastery of Agios Ioannis. Remember to take a map, plenty of water and a good amount of sun protection.

Odysseas Elytis Theatre

On top of the hill above Chora, visitors will discover the large, opener air amphitheatre of Odysseas Elytis. Named after a famous Greek poet, the recently constructed marble theatre is styled to resemble ancient Greek theatres, and is a fantastic place to participate in the many festivals and watch the performances that take place on the island.

Panayia Gremiotissa church and Evangelisimos Cathedral

Blue and white roofs make Evangelisimos a great site for photographs, while the picturesque white tower of Panayia Greiotissa is one of the most captured images on the island. With a history of religious tradition, both churches participate in various festivals throughout the year.


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