Why Vegan?|Personal

Why did I become vegan? What made you make such a change to your life?

In my simple quick answer. Once I saw the truth of my where my food came from I couldn’t ignore it and I loved my body too much to put it through that.

In long here is my answer:

It started with a bored summer and I watched so many documentaries on Netflix which naturally took me to watch What the health, then onto Feel Rich, to then watch Forks over Knives to finally watching Cowspiracy! All in one day. I was hit with tones of facts that I didn’t fact check as it hit me in the gut. It confirmed things that I had suspected and to be honest it sat right. It was the next day when the guilt hit in. I began to realised what I had been doing to my body, to the world and what the poor animals have been going through all for 5 minutes of a meal I didn’t always enjoy! I went through months of getting over my guilt and putting it into perspective. I can be annoyed at the past but I cant change it. What I can do is learn and improve.

This whole year of transitioning has also seen a massive shift in my mentality, my core values (if you have seen inside out, I’m sure my core islands crashed and new ones were built). It was a year of soul searching and getting to know myself better. It was retaining my brain and taste buds (which was easier than I thought).

In the following months I retained my brain with the use of mindfulness, writing, audiobooks, learning more about the world and myself and just humans to be honest.

I retained my taste buds and whole relationship with foods with trying life for like vegan/ plant based food before trying new things entirely and learnt that it doesn’t matter what the ingredients are its what you do with them that will make the meal.  I have a new relationships with flavours and textures and it’s been wonderful!

I am in the process of changing my relationships with people as this does have a major effect on my mental state of mind and my confidence to own my major life changing decisions. If I can own my change to Veganisim around them with or without their support I have overcome my final hurdle with my transition.

Since transitioning I have learnt a lot about myself and loved myself more I am in the best mental and physical health that I have ever been in for a long time. I’m growing, I’m learning and I have a new enthusiasm for life. I am building stronger relationships and a stronger sense of self! So transitioning for me is more about saving the animals or reducing my carbon footprint but it has been a massive personal journey that I am absolutely loving.

If you are considering transitioning to a plant based or vegan lifestyle here are some videos that you might enjoy:


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