What A Year | Personal

As we enter December the last month of this decade I find myself reflecting on the year. I has been a year full of ups and downs with a diagnosis or two thrown in. I had started the year in a bad place and throwing my all into this ‘hobby’. I worked hard on the blog and developing a clothing range hiding from my demons that really did catch up with me this year. I fell out of love with almost everything that I enjoyed and had been diagnosed with depression in the September of this year after an unsuccessful round of therapy. I stopped this blog for a while and completely stopped my clothing range. I have since been hospitalised (for a short period) been diagnosed with bipolar too and have started a new round of medication. I have been checked up on regally which helped and have had friends and family prove how much they love me when I was at my darkest.

I write this now only two weeks after starting new medication and I know that it needs to be upped for any real effect. I know that I am on a long journey and will endeavour to improve myself, I am finding new loves and new hobbies and learning about me away from work. I have enjoyed making vlogs for my close family and friends about my new adventures and I will continue while I find the new me.

I end this decade at the start of the biggest journey of my life and I am looking forward to where it’ll go!

Hopefully I’ll be back in the new year with blogs and active again with tales of the new me.

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