Welcome to X Marks The ____.

What does your X mark?

This is our tagline that can be interpreted in may ways but the two questions we aim to make you think about from this are:

  • What place or person has left a lasting impact on you and why?
  • What place or person have you left a lasting impact on and why?

We hope that by answering these it can help you begin to have clarity on what you will do in this world. There are many ways to leave an impact and we aim to ignite that fire in you with our social media posts and blog posts.

Our main aims are to:

  • Inspire Travel
  • Inspire Kindness
  • Inspire leaving a positive impact

This is a blog site for all things Travel, Vegan and ADHD. At times influenced by my personal experiences. X Marks The ____ was founded as I was transitioning to a Vegan and sustainable lifestyle.

Travel- We aim with our travel posts to inspire and inform of where to go and what to do. We love finding out about new things and trying new things.

Vegan- after a personal transition to this lifestyle during 2017/18 we aim to learn and share with you to help build the amazing way of eating and living. (We are even developing our own vegan/ sustainable clothing range so watch out for those posts!)

ADHD – after years of battling with out a diagnosis I am going through the stages now to help me understand my head more and how to use my brain better. I’ll share my journey and and findings along the way. This will happen mainly on social media if you search Xmarksthe____ on Twitter/insta/ FB / Tumblr you’ll be sure to find us!

We also will take submissions from our X Marks The community just email : xmarksthecomunity@gmail.com And we will happily arrange any submission post!

We look forward to meeting you on here or any other social media.

Until then

Happy Travels

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